Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hardware mostly completed!

How was i going to access the raspberry pi once i closed the case up and tightened all the screws? I had to add a power socket and a ethernet jack. The ethernet jack I desoldered from an old ethernet card i had in a box of junk, and cut a section of ethernet cable, and the mini USB jack i got off a pair of silent disco headphones i found on the street once. For structural integrity i surface soldered the jack onto a piece of perfboard and wedged it between structural components of the case. The power leads were soldered according to the following schematic:, with this as an example: (except i soldered ground to the 0 ohm resistor R51 instead of diode D17.

This is the final product. Everything was glue-gunned into place. The RasPi is screwed into the bottom half of a RasPi case which i glue-gunned to the spell and math case. Hopefully there isn't too much EM interference from the ethernet cable and the I2C interface onto the audio jacks, but we'll have to see.

Running the demo python program for the LCD. I am controlling everything via ethernet cable!
Regret: I took off the original red sticker where the red button is (and in the process destroyed it). Should've kept it. Maybe i'll make my own custom sticker to put there.

1) make the usb sound card work!
2)Program a python script to set up the membrane keyboard!
3) Consider putting more buttons in that white space or maybe a sticker!
4) Program the PureData looper patch!

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